Will you be There or be Square?


ThrSqr needs and uses exactly one cookie. Its purpose is to remember your preferred language and the name you enter when you respond to an event. This information is stored on the ThrSqr server. You can reset this data using the link on each page.

If you set up a new event, all event details are stored on the ThrSqr server. Events are subject to deletion after three months of inactivity. If you respond to an event, name, comment and time of response are stored on the ThrSqr server. Participant data is subject to deletion after six months of inactivity.

If you upload a custom event logo it will be stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Visiting the page of an event with a custom logo will transmit the visitor's IP address and anonymous browser information to AWS.

If you enable browser push notifications ThrSqr stores an anonymous identifier of your browser on the ThrSqr server to be able to later send notifications to the browser.

ThrSqr is currently hosted by Heroku on a US server. None of the data that is stored to for ThrSqr to work is shared with any third party.


ThrSqr is a private project, created by Marc Hermann for his football and field hockey teams. It is provided as is with no guarantee for availability or data integrity. Marc takes no responsibility for loss of data.


ThrSqr was made by
Marc Hermann
Onkel-Tom-Str. 65
14169 Berlin
[email protected]